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Gordy Powers, Owner


8030 Meadowood Drive

Rockford, MN 55373


License #BC678745 

Our Story

So, what do the G & C stand for?  Gordy and Christy - of course!

It's a classic Minnesota story of boy meets girl, boy takes girl to a softball tournament on the first date and here we are - 30 years later - having raised two boys, now men, recently adding a beautiful daughter-in-law to the mix, too many fur-babies to count and now a grandbaby on the way. Family means everything to us, so when Gordy decided to go out on his own as a general contractor about 10 years ago, Christy was all-in with him. It's been a 50-50 partnership in all things all along. 

We continue to reinvent ourselves and our company in ways to support our community. We've lived and raised our boys in Rockford, MN for the last 20 years. It's been great living in a small community. They say it takes a village and we can attest to that! Our reputation is our business, we view every customer as family, and we will treat you and your home accordingly. A testament to our company culture - most of our business comes from referrals.

Gordy began working in the roofing trade about 30 years ago, putting on residential and commercial roofs, as well as running the repair service team for a large commercial company. About 10 years ago, after gutting and remodeling the family's up-north cabin, he decided to go out on his own and obtained his general contractor's license. The business began primarily as a remodeling business - mostly basements and kitchens with an occasional deck. Christy has a business and finance background so it was natural she would handle the business side of things.  

As we've developed this business over time, we've learned that the real need is for exterior remodeling and storm restoration. There is nothing more stressful than having to deal with damage or potential damage to the asset that keeps your family warm and safe in the wintertime and protected from summertime storms. And sometimes it's just fun to give your home a facelift. A little updated curb appeal goes a long way.

G & C Powers Construction will work with you on whatever your needs may be.  We can help you determine if you have storm damage and will work with your claims adjuster to make sure your repair is done right. 

If you just want to give your home a new look, we can help you choose siding, shingles, and a color scheme and we can provide financing to help you boost that curb appeal.

Give us a call today for a free, no obligation estimate for your project. We understand that you are busy - working, juggling family - we've definitely been there! We will always work around your schedule.

If you think you have storm damage, be sure to read our Insurance blog for some tips.